Welcome to our New JTK Church Building Church Building Committee (CBC) dedicated to build the future
of our Melkite Catholic Church community in Toronto
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City of Markham Update

The Building Committee is happy to inform you that the city of Markham has reviewed ...

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Our Vision

A brief outlook of the New JTK Church Building and the progress of the design. *This is subject to change*


A brief history of our old church and the cause of fire that has lead to the building of our new Church.


Visit our timeline to learn more of the project’s progress and important milestones.


Visit our fundraise page to learn more about the New JTK Church construction budget and our goals.

Who We Are

Jesus the King Church Building Committee (CBC) is comprised of 12 team members on a voluntary basis along with our leading parish Rev. Msgr. Makarios Wehbi
Our Team

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