A brief history of our old church and the cause of fire that has lead to the building of our new Church.

Coming Soon - November 2016

More info coming soon on the history of the Old Church and Pictures

Our History

The Greek Melkites Church of Antioch
The Greek Melkites Catholic Church is rooted in the oldest Christian Church in the world. It started in Antioch known historically to be the city where the followers of Jesus Christ were first called by the name “Christians.” Here is the first Petrine See where St. Peter preached before ever going to Rome. Saint Ignatius of Antioch was the second bishop of Antioch consecrated by the Apostle Peter. Ignatius, “bearer of Christ”, is one of the Apostolic Fathers who wrote letters on the sacraments, ecclesiology, and the role of bishops before suffering martyrdom for the Christian faith as he was eaten alive by wild animals before Pagan crowds in Rome.